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Isn't it about time you said goodbye to SPAM forever?

It's not like any other SPAM blocker software ever written. It uses our proprietary technology to create an invisible inbox where SPAM stops dead. Only valid email can get through, SPAM just withers and dies. Simply the best anti-SPAM software ever created!

You will never again receive a SPAM email, not even one! Every legitimate email sent to you will arrive in perfect condition, we won't block a single one!

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Invisible Inbox doesn't block legitimate email, even "legitimate marketers" (The few that do exist) will be able to reach you. Once again it becomes safe to unsubscribe. This is because you will only be dealing with marketers willing to identify themselves honestly and who honor every request to unsubscribe. No more fly-by-night discount drug offers, male enhancement offers, too good to be true vacation offers, cigarette ads or unwanted images not suited for viewing! NEVER!!! You mark important newsletters that you subscribe to one time and they pass through along with all your private email.

You can unsubscribe, or you can just move the email address or domain to the Spammer list and their emails will never make it to your inbox. If you unsubscribe, the emails will stop and you will have the information needed to take legal action. The marketers who are allowed to deliver to you won't dare ignore your requests!

In addition to our proprietary methods for deciding what's SPAM and what isn't, you have special overrides which allow you to watch for certain keywords in emails to be sure you receive every email as quickly as possible. You have "Auto Approve" and "Auto Reject" keyword lists. They approve or reject email addresses without the need for confirmation that the sender isn't a SPAMMER.

For instance, if you run Invisible Inbox on your business account, place the name of your products or services in the "Auto Approve" list and any email about them will come right in without requiring an identity check. It will even remember those customers and deliver their email without delay in the future. The lists don't just use simple sub-string (Does this word exist in the email) type tests, but it also supports the much more powerful expressions based tests found in high-end database packages.

The feature list goes on and on, but rather than go into every feature of the system, the best way to learn about Invisible Inbox is to try it out for FREE. It's simple to use, it's like a firewall for your inbox. You control what gets in and what doesn't. But better then a firewall that asks you to approve a million different things, the system knows what's ok and what isn't and takes most actions without ever bothering you.

Once you install Invisible Inbox, you will have a flying email in your system tray near your clock where you can access all the information provided by the system as to who is naughty and who is nice. Ignore the system and it will run 100% free from bothering you for advice or input. Once you tell it to monitor an email account, that account is 100% SPAM FREE!!!

Regain the control of your inbox NOW!!!

Install Invisible Inbox and SPAM simply stops. Download it today!

*Assumes that you don't choose to override the default settings and allow SPAM to flow into your inbox or to block legitimate emails. You have a great deal of control, so we can't promise a thing if you don't use the tool correctly.  Use Invisible Inbox wisely and you will never see another SPAM email again and not a single legitimate email will be blocked. No software can guarantee perfection, but we give you a full two week trial period to test our promise and see for yourself why we make it. We think you will agree that it's not bragging and that our promise is real. Your registration is how you tell us that you agree.
Thank you in advance.


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