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Current version is 1.0 build 102
Revision History

Here it is folks, we have poured our hearts and souls, not to mention long days and sleepless nights, into bringing you this very cool program. We are very proud of Invisible Inbox, also known as "ii" (pronounced "Eye - Eye").

The latest build has many improvements in the account setup procedures as well as a number of other fixes, added features and improvements. See the revision history for details.

We sure hope you like it and we are sure that it will STOP SPAM 100%. We also want to hear your , so send us an email and let us know what you want to see added, changed or fixed.

The manual update feature allows us to continuously add new features and make the program better and better as we get from great users like you! You can leave the auto-update check turned on and each time you start ii it will check for the availability of an update. If you leave it running all the time, then periodically check for updates manually. When we release an update, registered users will get it for free for the full 1.x and 2.x lifecycle. (We feel confident that this will be until at least the 2nd quarter of 2005)

You can download here or you can find us on or in the downloads area of

*** EXTRAS ***

Want to block by country? If you don't get any legitimate email from other countries, add this list of country codes to your Spammer list and all email from country based domains will be blocked. This cuts down on SPAM quite a bit for most users who don't have international contacts. Just unzip the file and open it. It is a registry merge file and will add every country code to your Spammer list. You can then delete entries for countries that you do want to receive email from.

Spammer By Country List

Have you got a great list to share? We'd love to share a list of top spammers and as soon as we generate one, or we are given one by a user, we will put it here for all users to access. So check back regularly to see what new lists we might have added. Also, please create lists that we can share! Community is a great way to combat Spammers!

Other Utilities We Endorse
(None of the folks pay us to list them here, we list them because we think they rock!)

Fighting Spyware/Adware

AdAware - FREE Adware Killer - A must have if you download

IE-SPYAD - FREE Host File Advertising Blocker - A bit overkill but powerful!

SpyBot Search & Destroy - FREE Spyware/Adware Killer

HijackThis - FREE Spyware Discovery Tool - Use and visit



ZoneAlarm - FREE Firewall - Well, it's ok for free - We use the Pro version



AVG Antivirus - FREE Antivirus - The best at this price!


Server Tools

Server Monitor - Simple, Powerful Server Monitor - The BEST!


Web Site Creation Tools

FlammingText - FREE Logo and Button Creation - So cool!

Adobe Photoshop - The Premier 2D Graphics Program

LightWave 3D - Our Favorite 3D Graphics Program


Other Mike Reed Products
(Author of Invisible Inbox)

RememberedBy.Us - Memorial Websites for Your Loved Ones

PassSafe - Password Generator - Enter one password to safely access every site

My[Q]Box - Questions Answering System - Like a super powerful learning FAQ

WaveFilter - Tools for LightWave 3D - Mostly outdated now, but still cool

Free will donations, this is not a method to purchase
We thank you for all your generous support!

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