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What is SPAM?


The definition of SPAM varies, but we define it as:

 "Any email from anyone who does not properly identify themselves."

When someone you know emails you, that's not SPAM and in every case they will properly identify themselves by having a return address that works and accurately reflects the account that they sent the email from. When a SPAMMER sends you an email, they mask their identity, don't offer working unsubscribe and play tricks with the text of the email and the subject line. These people are the scourge of the earth and we are going to work hard to SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN!!!

We can't find the SPAMMERS but we can make it impossible for them to benefit from sending you SPAM! We want to give you back control of your Inbox! With SPAM running rampant, we are almost to the point where the most widely used feature of the Internet, namely email, is becoming something we dread rather than a tool we user to better our lives. We are here to fix this problem and clean up this terrible plague that is upon us. WE HATE SPAM!!!

So what about legitimate marketers? Are they SPAMMERS? We don't think so. If they are willing to identify themselves and include a valid method for you to unsubscribe, then we see them as a benefit to the American way, to capitalism itself and know that they work to help build our economy and better all our lives.

But if once legitimate email marketers cross the line and start acting as SPAMMERS, we say OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! Invisible Inbox allows proper marketing via email, but it requires that the sender validate themselves as proof of their intention to follow the rules. This also gives a path for prosecution if they don't. No SPAM regulations will work unless we are dealing with people we can identify!

"If they won't prove they are legit, then we won't accept their email!"

SPAM is that email you receive with tricky unsubscribe methods that don't work. Unsubscribe from the wrong email and all you do is tell the SPAMMER that a warm body exits at this address and that they should turn up the volume of SPAM they send.

A legitimate marketer will honor your unsubscribe! But how do you know when it is safe to unsubscribe? Well, it's tough, but the best test, and the one we use, is to know who you are dealing with. Make sure they are willing to be identified, so that if they don't honor your unsubscribe, you can take legal action against them!